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  • Building Committee Update - Jan 2021
  • Building Committee Update - Nov 8, 2020
  • Building Committee Update - Nov 1, 2020
  • Building Committee Update Oct 25, 2020
  • Letter from Fr Laszlo, July 29, 2020
Dear Parishioners,
At this time, we wish to thank all of you who provided feedback on the proposed building plan from the November 17, 2020 Community Consultation virtual meeting with the architect firm and the posting of the plan drawings on the Holy Family website.  We have received good feedback concerning the drawings themselves but there also have been questions raised about why this building expansion is needed. And so, we wish to take some time to share with you the motivation behind this process we have begun.
When Holy Family Church opened on the current site in 1983, the church was built to foster the growing  local Catholic community in Whitby to practice their faith in a new place of worship.  This practice of faith mainly centered on attending weekend Mass which the building accommodated very well. 
Over the years, particularly during the past ten years, the Holy Family faith community has evolved our faith practice to go deeper and broader in developing our relationship with our Lord.  Many faith formation programs such as bible studies, prayer groups, small groups and charitable and outreach ministries have sprung up and flourished.  A strong Catholic Women’s League and Knights of Columbus organization have become ingrained in our church community.  Youth programs such as Edge, Life Teen and Sacramental Preparation have been established to connect our youth with their Catholic faith.  As a result, there are now over thirty ministries and groups active in our vibrant parish.
The need for meeting rooms for these groups has put great pressure on the physical space and outdated structural configurations available.  Some efforts and alterations to accommodate the growing need for space have been made over the years, such as the installation of flexible wall dividers in the church hall, rooms designated for a single purpose were opened up for multiple groups to use and some groups and activities were forced to find accommodation outside the church. 
These efforts and more have still proven insufficient to meet our need for meeting and gathering spaces.  For those of you who are active in one or more groups or ministries you likely have experienced the effects of not being able to meet when you want if at all.  This is the viewpoint and pressure which led to the development of the Building Committee and the master plan for the church expansion that has been unveiled. 
This master plan is at this time a vision looking towards creating a physical structure which will take our spiritual parish into the next 30 years, and has been developed for the benefit of all the parishioners of our growing faith community, so your opinion is very important.  We’d like to hear from you if you have thoughts, questions, or ideas about the parish need for more space, and the master plan for the proposed expansion.  Please take some time to review the information and images on the Building Plan page of our website (, and send us your feedback through that page, or email directly to
Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for further communication on this subject.
Yours in Christ,
Holy Family Building Committee
Dear Holy Family Parishioner,
We hope you have had the opportunity to read the communication in the church bulletin last week regarding the established parish Building Fund available to date for the proposed Holy Family Church expansion. The communication also advised of a Community Consultation on the Building Plan scheduled for later in November.
We are pleased to advise that the Holy Family Parish Community Consultation on the Building Plan will be held virtually on Tuesday November 17th beginning at 7 pm. This virtual presentation will be conducted by Larkin Architects, the firm selected for this building project. Additionally, static display boards will be set up in the Msgr. Breen Hall from November 19 through 21 for informal viewing. Parishioners will also be able to view additional information and the November 17th PowerPoint presentation on the Holy Family Website after November 17th.
The development of the Holy Family Building Plan is a significant undertaking designed to address the Parish Community needs for additional physical space in order to more appropriately provide many and varied opportunities to grow our faith. We encourage you to attend the November 17th virtual meeting, and/or review the display boards in the church hall and then provide your feedback. This proposed building plan is for the whole Holy Family Parish Community so it is important that we hear from you!
Please stay tuned for further information over the next couple of weeks in the bulletin and via our parish email system, Flocknote, regarding the November 17th meeting details and other pertinent information concerning the Community Consultation process.
We look forward to your participation in the Community Consultation process and your feedback on the proposed plan. We hope and pray that this new vision for our building will spark enthusiasm and inspire people to deepen their engagement in their faith and in our parish.
Wishing you all God’s peace,
Holy Family Building Committee
Dear Holy Family Parishioners,
We hope that you were able to take a few minutes to review our last communication regarding the update of the Holy Family Building Committee. The development of the Master Plan for the building expansion and renovation of our parish continues to be energized by the ongoing special needs of all that we do here at Holy Family Parish.
The Holy Family Building Committee recognizes that an undertaking of the Church Renovation and Expansion will require significant financial resources from the Holy Family Community. We are pleased to share that our current Building Fund raised, to date, is $750,000.00. These funds are derived primarily from parishioner contributions to the Restoration and Maintenance Fund, net of savings after expenses in the restoration and maintenance of the Church facilities. It is important that you know that 100% of contributions directed to this fund remain in the parish. From this time on, a reporting of the Fund Total will be shared periodically, generally through the parish bulletin. The total capitalization target of the Fund will be determined after review and comments received at our upcoming information session. The Holy Family Parish Community Consultation on the Building Plan will be held virtually on November 17 and there will also be physical display panels set up for viewing in the Father Breen Hall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nov. 19 to 21 inclusively. The information will also be shared on Flocknote, and posted on the Holy Family website after November 17. We invite you to please consider taking the time to take a look at the proposed plans one way or another, and to provide your feedback, as this project is intended to further grow our community of faith, and to serve everyone in our parish.
We anticipate that one question that will arise is regarding the funds raised through the Family of Faith Campaign from a few years ago. It should be noted that according to criteria set by the Archdiocese of Toronto, the Family of Faith Campaign proceeds received must be dedicated exclusively to faith formation programs and not towards renovation or building expansion of the Church.
We are hopeful that parishioners recognize the need for these changes to our physical space to provide appropriate gathering for faith opportunities, and that they will share the vision of our Church and support this ambitious endeavour to improve our facilities to better love God, love others and make disciples.
Wishing you all God’s peace,
Holy Family Building Committee
Dear Parishioner,
We hope that all of our parish families are doing well and keeping safe.
At this time, our Church is also seeing an increase in activity from a number of ministries and groups. Our youth programs have commenced in-person gathering with safe distancing. A number of First Communion and Confirmation ceremonies were finally held. We have started sacramental preparation registration for this school year as well. The Church attendance has been increased to the allowable capacity, while still maintaining safe distancing practices, wearing of face masks and thorough sanitizing after all Masses.
Progress also continues with the Building Committee. Since our last letter to the parish community on July 29th, the committee has maintained communication with the architect to establish a parishioner information session - Holy Family Parish Community Consultation on Building Plan to be held on November 17th via zoom. Further details are to be provided in the coming weeks.
Ongoing communication with the Chancery Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto continues to encourage our efforts. In spite of this expression of support, it is clear that the full backing of this vision for the future potential of our parish will need to come from the Holy Family parishioners. And so, we hope and pray that when the time comes for us to share information about this vision, you will consider accepting the invitation to attend a session virtually. We will be looking for parishioner input and feedback.
We ask you to continue to pray for the future of our parish, the Building Committee, and the whole Holy Family Parish Community.
Yours in Christ,
Holy Family Building Committee
July 29, 2020
Dear Holy Family Parishioners,
Whether you have been attending Holy Family for many years, or you have just recently joined us, we hope and pray that you feel welcome here and that this parish is part of your home. Over these past few years, we have intentionally focused on living out our call to the mission given by Jesus. With some changes to what and how we do things, this has proven difficult at times, due to the limitations of the physical space we share in this building.
For this reason, a Building Committee was formed at Holy Family about a year ago to find a solution to the problem of limited meeting space to accommodate the many Ministry, faith formation and group activities going on in our Church. Also, the shortage of office space has been a growing concern.
I have been heartened to see the parishioners of Holy Family showing a great desire for practicing their faith and participating in numerous faith opportunities. These include Alpha, Bible studies, Faith Formation, R.C.I.A., Youth Programs, Prayer Groups, courses, meetings and conferences, as well as more informal gatherings to share faith, among others. Many parish groups also meet regularly such as the CWL, Knights of Columbus, and adults and students for Sacramental Preparation, all of which requires appropriate spaces. This show of support from the parishioners in all that is being offered here at Holy Family has encouraged our work on the Building Committee.
The Committee has consulted an architect with significant experience in working on church renovations and expansions within the Archdiocese of Toronto. After many meetings to revise our vision, we now have a Draft Master Plan to review with you. We have also maintained ongoing communication with the Archdiocese of Toronto and have received the approval to continue this process.
When it is deemed safe to do so, I will be inviting you to an information meeting so that we may share these exciting concepts with you, and receive your feedback and suggestions, as part of an on-going dialogue with our parish community. The Maintenance Fund which has been collected over the past few years will, in part, serve to begin this work. This building plan will help us better serve our Holy Family community and help us live out our Mission to love God, love others, and make disciples.
Please pray for this vision for our parish future, the Building Committee, and the Parish, that we may be true to where God and our desire to be disciples will take us.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Fr. László Nagy Pastor

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The development of the Holy Family Building Plan is a significant undertaking designed to address our parish needs for additional physical space to allow for more faith and gathering opportunities. We hope and pray that this new vision for our church will spark enthusiasm and inspire people to deepen their engagement in their faith and in our parish. 

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