Bringing Clarity to Our Mission

Carrying on our Mission at Holy Family

By now, you’ve probably heard people talking about our parish mission to love God, love others and make disciples. Maybe you’ve read pieces in our bulletin or website to learn more, or you may have even attended an event or program to get a deeper understanding of what it really means beyond those 3 (seemingly) simple statements.

On November 23rd 2019, we held our “Carrying on our Mission” seminar, gathering together a core group of parish leaders to reflect, discuss and pray about taking our mission into the real situations of our lives, and how each of us can play our own part in carrying on our mission – at church, at work, in our family and in our lives! As members of Christ’s body – the church, we are all called to take part in this mission.

If you have been following our work on our parish mission over the last year, then we hope this info-graphic will be helpful in summarizing not only what the mission means, but how we can each practically live it. To learn more about our mission, click here.

Wherever you are in your journey of faith – Jesus is calling you to follow him!