A Savior is Born

A Savior is Born

During Christmas time we once again realize how blessed we are. We are preparing ourselves to celebrate the physical entrance of God in human history. What a great mystery: “The Word become flesh and dwelt among us” (Jn: 1,14).

December is a time to look back on the year which is about to end. God did not get tired of reminding us in different ways that He was with us all the time, in times of joy and times of sadness.

Christmas reminds us that we are important in the eyes of God and that he also counts on us to make the world a better one to live. And we know that there is room for improvement, don’t we? To do so we only have to follow his example by being men and women who go about doing good to others. My dear friends let us give Jesus his place when celebrating his birthday and let us give Him the gift that he truly appreciates: our heart, our life and our love for one another.

May our God of Love bless you and your families in a special way this Christmas, filling you with joy, hope and love.

In behalf  of Fr. Ravi and the Staff, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


Fr. László Nagy



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