Grandparents Day

Sunday, September 13 is International Grandparents’ Day and since we were not able to have our Grand Camp this year, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate our grandparents here at Holy Family.
Scroll down to find special prayers and activities for grandparents & kids. Additional resources can be found at the very bottom of the page.

Prayer to St.Anne, Grandmother of Jesus.

Saint Anne,

I am an anxious grandparent who worries and prays for my grandchildren.
They are confronted with a life full of obstacles, dangers and difficult issues.
They are not always aware of them.
I beg you to take them under your maternal protection,
because you took such good care of your Grandson, Jesus.
with your husband, Saint Joachim, you taught your daughter,
Mary, to observe the Commandments and to love God and neighbour.
Now I entrust my grandchildren to you. How delighted you were when your Grandson Jesus was born!
Out of that same love for Him, please extend your protection to my grandchildren.
Some are still young while others have grown up and are facing life’s responsibilities.
Bless them all. Help them discover the importance of prayer,
the beauty of Christian values and love of the Lord!
Keep them from danger, harm, temptations, and all obstacles to their true happiness! Good Saint Ann, please keep all grandparents and grandchildren
in your loving, motherly care.


Here's a Prayer for you to Pray for your Grandparents!

Dear Father,

We thank you for our wonderful grandparents.
They bring such joy and happiness into our lives.
Thank you for all the special times that we have with them.
Please watch over them, protect them and care for them now.
May they know your goodness and love always.



Saints Anne & Joachim and the Love for Grandparents

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Here are a few fun Activities for you and your grandchildren!
Click on the boxes for step by step instructions!

Here are a few fun Activities for you and your Grandparents!
Click on the boxes for step by step intructions!

Click on the WOW image above and use PASSWORD: wowvbs2020 to access a huge interactive video library to watch with your grandchildren!