Time Travellers & Small Groups for March 15, 2020

Welcome to HFkids for March 15th!

4 Simple Steps! It's that Easy!

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Time Travellers - March 15

1. Watch the Big Idea Video below:

2. Watch today's Bible Story:

3. Watch today's Video Message:

4. Use these questions to engage...

1. Has there been a time you’ve felt alone & needed a reminder that God is with you?
2.Do you believe and feel that God is always with you? Why or why not?
3. What can we do to build our trust in God?
4. What would you say to a friend who’s having difficulty trusting God in one of these places? What would be different about that friend’s situation if he could trust and believe that God is with him?

5. Go deeper with Small Group Lessons!

HFkids Small Group - March 15

1. Read today's short Message:

This week we are going to be talking about trusting God even when he feels far away. Sometimes God can feel further away than other times.  Especially when things are hard.  In todays’ Bible story we look at Joseph, a very faithful person, who went through a LOT of hard times.  And even though I’m sure he wondered where God was during those times, he never gave up his faith that God was with him.

2. Watch the 2 Bible Story Videos followed by today's Small Group Message Video:

3. Use these questions to engage...

  1. Describe the relationship between Joseph & his father? And what did his father give him? (Loved him, was his favorite, gave him a special, colourful coat)
  2. Can you describe the strange dreams God gave Joseph? (Joseph & his 11 brothers turned into bales of wheat and the bales that were his brothers all bowed down to him and in another dream).
  3. The dreams were meant to let Joseph know that God had Big Plans for him. But what happened when he told his brothers about the dreams? (They wanted to kill him by throwing him into a well, then decided to sell him instead and tell their father he was dead).
  4. Did you notice that each time a bad thing happened to Joseph; he was blessed in some way? (Thrown in the well to die but the brothers changed their mind, sold to Potiphar as a slave but ended up living in a nice house…).
  5. Name some things that happened to you that you thought was unfair.
  6. What are some ways you can rely on God to help you in times that are hard or unfair?
  7. Next week, we will find out how the story of Joseph’s turn out…remember his dreams?


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