HFkids Palm Sunday April 5, 2020

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Time Travellers - Palm Sunday April 5

Today is a great time to really dig deep and think about how Jesus didn’t deserve to die, but He volunteered to do so in our place, out of His great love for us. 
Challenge of the Week:  Reflect on the story of Easter and thank Jesus for all He has done for you.

1. Watch today's Video Message:

Thank you to our friends at Crossroad Kids for permitting us to use their videos in our own video message today!

2. Use these questions to engage...

  1. Think of a time you were punished for something you did. Did you feel like the punishment “fit the crime,” as it were. 
  2. What about a time when you didn’t deserve punishment or you were punished for something you didn’t do?
  3. Have you ever taken the blame, covered for, or been punished even though it should have been them?
  4. What motivates or convinces someone to do that for someone else? If you haven’t ever covered for someone else or volunteered to take their place, is there anything, any situation, you can think of where you would? What makes that different?
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4. Check out FORMED - Holy Week Family Movie Night...

Click image to watch 'He is Risen" and celebrate the power and splendor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in this moving and instructive animated presentation! (All ages)
Click image to watch "God with Us" Children and adults alike will be captivated by this account of Jesus' life, featuring vivid storytelling and high impact animation. (7 & up)


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