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Time Travellers - Sunday March 22

Today's Message: I will trust in God even when life seems unfair.
Today's Bible Story: Jesus heals a man born blind (John 9:1-12)

1. Watch the Big Idea Video below:

2. Watch today's Bible Story:

3. Watch today's Video Message:

4. Use these questions to engage...

  1. To complain means you feel like something isn’t fair. What are typical things you complain about?
  2. What will you do the next time you feel like something isn’t fair?
  3. How does trusting God to take care of us help us not to complain?
  4. How will you apply this week’s bottom line to your life this week?

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HFkids Small Group - March 22

Today's Message: Trust God in all things.
Today's Bible Story: the Story of Joseph Part 3 & 4

1. Read today's short Message:

This week we are going to continue the story of Joseph. As we saw last week Joseph went through many hard times. A lot of which I’m sure he thought were unfair. Difficult things happen to us in life, things that are out of our control and are unfair. Even in these times God is with us, protecting us. Joseph trusted in God in all that happened to him, and we need to as well.

2. Watch the 2 Bible Story Videos followed by today's Small Group Message Video:

3. Use these questions to engage...

  1. Can you list some of the bad things that happened to Joseph. ( The well, sold, accused of something he didn’t do, went to jail)
  2. Was Joseph blessed after each of these things? 
  3. How did God make Joseph a helper to the Egyptians? (He let them know about the famine)
  4. What job did Joseph get? (Storing food)
  5. When Joseph’s brothers came for food, how did Joseph respond? (He gave them food and welcomed them)
  6. What are some ways you can reach out to God? (Prayer, worship music, quiet time, Mass. Note: we have online Mass available on the website, please  click on OnLine Mass tab)
  7. This week when things seem hard or unfair, pray for strength to wait for God to reveal His plans to you.

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