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Time Travellers - Sunday March 29

Today's Message: I will trust in God even when my prayers aren't answered.
Today's Bible Story: The Story of Lazarus (John 11:1-45)

1. Watch the Big Idea Video below:

2. Watch today's Bible Story: Lazarus

3. Watch today's Video Message:

4. Use these questions to engage...

  1. Would you say you’re a person who likes and enjoys surprises, or do you prefer to know what’s coming?
  2. What does today’s message teach you about trusting God? (We might want things don’t fit in our plan.)
  3. Have you or someone you know ever prayed for something and God answered the prayer in a unexpected way?
  4. How does knowing that God may answer prayers in a different way than you expect help you grow in your faith?

Challenge of the Week: I will trust in God even when my prayers aren't answered.

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HFkids Small Group - Sunday March 29

Today's Message: Trust that God is working through the waiting.
Today's Bible Story: the Story of Hannah

1. Read today's short Message:

This week we are going to talk about having patience while wait for God to answer our prayers. There are many things that we feel we need or want. But we have to always remember that God knows what is best for us, ALWAYS. Today we are looking to the story of Hannah. Hannah was a very faithful women who wanted something so very much, but found greater faith in waiting for God’s timing.

2. Watch the Bible Story Video followed by today's Small Group Message Video:

3. Use these questions to engage...

  1. What did Hannah ask God for? (a baby)
  2. Did God give Hannah a baby right away? (no)
  3. What did Hannah do as she waited for God to answer her prayer? (prayed)
  4. What is something you are praying for and waiting for God to answer? 

This Week's Challenge: This week, as you wait for something, thank God for working in your life.

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