In the Classroom

What is Youth Ministry? In under 1 min !

"Minds-on" Videos less than a minute:

Prayer Part 1: What is Prayer? (50 sec.)

What is prayer? Many of us have the wrong idea as to what a prayer is- some of us think we have to use fancy words, or speak a certain way, memorize this card and that , look a certain way, but this isn’t sincere prayer. God wants our HEARTS, not our heads.Prayer isn’t a part of our relationship with God, prayer IS our relationship with God, and He just can’t wait to hear from you!

Prayer Part 2: "10 different ways to talk to God" (45 sec.)

We tend to overcomplicate prayer-remember God doesn’t want our heads he wants our HEARTS! Any conversation from the heart is a prayer with God. Here are ten different ways to pray that may surprise you!

""Be a Saint!" Part 1: What is a Saint?
(50 sec.)

Many Catholics grow up with the wrong understanding of what it means to be saint! A saint is simply someone who is in Heaven-PERIOD. God wants us all to go to heaven, therefore we are all called to be Saints! Saints are like friends in heaven that we can pray with for help, understanding that all the power and grace comes from God.

"Be a Saint!" Part 2: Three Sinners who became Saints (48 sec.)

Many of us think that we have to be perfect to be a saint, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! A saint is simply someone who strives for holiness NOT perfection- saying yes to God in little moments and yes to God in Big moments. The key is understanding God’s mercy and love for us, getting back up every time we fall and keeping our eyes on the prize- HEAVEN! Check out three popular Saints who had dark pasts but were given a FUTURE with Christ’s love!

"Love your Enemies" (52 sec.)

Many of us have heard Jesus’ words, “Love your enemies”; these were PROFOUND words in Jesus’ time, but what do they truly mean? We often fall into the trap of loving only those who agree with us or loving those who treat us well. Jesus is asking us to choose the harder path of true love (willing the good for the other), loving those who annoy us, hurt us or disagree with us. “Pray for those who persecute you”, is this easy? NO. Is this the path to heaven? YES. Love is the only response to hate and hurt, and no one demonstrated that better than Jesus.

"Honour your Mother" (54 sec.)

A reflection on Mother’s ( on Mother’s day and all year round). Out of all God’s creations and beings of the world, God entrusted life to mothers! Even God himself became a helpless baby who needed a mother!                                                       Reflection questions:

1. What is your relationship like with your own mother? In which ways do you honour your mother, and in which ways could you honour her more?                                                                               2. How does it feel  to know that  even God became small enough to rely on a Mother?                                                                            3. What is your relationship with Mother Mary? Why do you think Jesus wants us to see His Mother as ours too?

"Honour your Father" Praise and Worship (1:04 sec.)

A reflection on Fathers ( on father’s day and all year round). We love because our heavenly father first loved us.  (  Praise and Worship song: “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin).            Reflection questions:

1. God is the creator of the entire universe and master of all creation, but He didn’t say to us, “Call me Master”, instead He says, “Call me Father”.  Why do you think He wants us to love Him like a Father?

2. Do you think it is difficult to think of God as a loving Father? Why?

3. Sometimes if we do not have a good relationship with our own fathers on earth ( and fatherly figures around us) it can be difficult to love and see God as a father. Who are the fatherly figures around you that you can trust?



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