Online Small Groups

Everyone Needs a Small Group!

A Small Group is a place where you can search and ask questions about life & God. A safe place to grow in your faith and knowledge - no matter where you are on that journey! Whether you are looking to join a group or start a group on your own or with friends & family - this is where you can take that Next Step. Click on the green Small Group Inquiry link to start the process...

What does a Small Group Look Like?

An Online Small Group is a group of 4-12 people who commit to meeting weekly, or bi-weekly using an online video platform, for 60-90 minutes to share and grow together in Christ. During the online meeting the group will usually watch a video (or read provided text) and then engage in honest, open discussion using a series of questions.

Small Group Podcast!

Watch our July 7th Podcast on Small Groups! Mary Kay & John speak with Kim, our Small Group Coordinator, about what is a Small Group and why you might need to join one!

Why do I need a Small Group?

Yes, life is busy and you're thinking "I just don't have time, how can i possibly commit to anything else?? I'm overloaded & overwhelmed already!"...Well Guess what? That is probably the best reason to BE in a Small Group! Because we all need a place to belong and work through the issues of life. In a Small Group you will make new friends who will encourage you, support you & pray for you. A place safe place where you an ask questions about life & God , grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with God. Give it a try - see how it can change YOU!

Where will I Fit In?

We are working at starting new online groups right now! Groups can be all women, all men or mixed, all ages or young moms, or seniors...What type of group do you envision? What about starting your own group? What about a men's group? or maybe you'd like to connect with other young professionals, what about a couples group? or a seniors group? Think about it - YOU can start a group, we will provide all the material including the discussion questions and ongoing support. Maybe you have a friend or two? or not - we can help fill your group! Give Small Groups a try today!

What type of programs do Small Groups use?

While a Small Group is NOT at all about the program (It's about the relationships that form), the following trailers below can help you figure out where you'd like to START your Small Group Journey. If you are interested in STARTING your own group, you would choose one of these programs as a starting point., we have dozens of programs to select from as your group grows. Each program offered by Holy Family includes a leader guide with all the questions you would use to generate your group discussions. If you are planning to Lead or Start your own group, please scroll down to STARTING YOUR OWN GROUP IS EASY.


This program is only 3 Sessions. A good Small Group Starter Program. “What is the purpose for my life”? “Who is the Person of Jesus, who emptied Himself to become human”? “How are we called to be the ‘Light of the World’”?

Wild Goose

This program is a Holy Family Small Group Favorite! This 14 session series will help you experience a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, experience God’s real presence and power in your life. It will help bring you freedom and transform you!


A beginner Faith Formation Program. How can we find happiness? What’s the meaning of life? Is there a God? Does prayer make a difference? Informal discussion about the Christian Faith. .

Raising Kids who Care

This 6 Session series helps parents navigate the challenges and joys of parenting in today’s world ! Will help lead parents through conversations about how families can become more balanced, empathetic, and loving. Not a video based program.


Whether you have a group of friends you'd like to form a Small Group with OR you would like to start your own Small Group and have US fill your group for you, we will help get you started and provide you ongoing support along the way. All of the programs used and supplied to you come with Leader Guides that include all of your discussion questions. To get started, please click and read the Small Group Leader Guide and then proceed to tell us about your new Small Group preferences by clicking on Start a Small Group.


Whether you want join an existing Small Group, be part of an exciting new Small Group that is just forming, or want to start your own Small Group it all starts by clicking the Small Group Sign-up button below!...