Christ Is Alive…So What?

February 17, 2019
Jesus wasn't the only person in history to claim to be God or to be the messiah. What distinguishes Jesus, then, from those other claimants to divinity or messiah-ship, such…

The Resurrection Matters

February 10, 2019
With the start of our Rebuilt book club, our parish is taking active steps towards making faith and church matter in the lives of people today. I believe this process…

Rejection of God’s Mission

February 3, 2019
Today’s Gospel continues the story that we heard last week. But whereas last week’s Gospel left the congregation of the synagogue marvelling at the grace that came from Jesus lips…
You and I can be agents of the good news. One single person, one individual, one parish, one group of people can make a difference. Where are you in the…
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