Small Groups 2

This small group series leads parents through conversations about how families can become more balanced, empathetic, and loving. Weaving in familiar examples, recent wisdom from Pope Francis, and insights from our faith tradition, this series will kick off rich, lively discussions and give parents practical tools to bring home with them.

The sessions include:

Wasting Time with Family – How to live in relationship as a family / How to help our children grow in empathy

Rules, Rules, Rules  – Finding the right balance in setting rules / An inductive process that motivates children to do the right thing

Habits of the Heart – Household rituals and responsibilities / The importance of forgiveness and reconciliation in families

Decision Making & Prayer – Helping children develop the life skill of making decisions / Making time and space to listen

Self Esteem & Failure – Why failure is important / Insights on honesty and lying

Seek First the Kingdom – Dealing with stress and anxiety / Building in rest and quiet