Time Travellers June 7th


We are in the third week of our series called “FAMOUS LAST WORDS’.  In this TIME TRAVELLERS series, we are talking about the power of words, and how to use our words wisely for the good of God’s kingdom.

HFkids - Time Travellers June 7th

STEP 1. Watch Today's BIG IDEA for Trinity Sunday,
Famous Last Words - Week 4

STEP 2. Watch Today's Short Bible Story
Exodus 34: Ten Commandments & the Golden Calf

STEP 3. Reflection Questions you can discuss with a parent...

1. Have you ever been angry and said something you shouldn’t have said?
• How did you feel after you said it?
• Did you feel better?
• Did they treat you better? Probably not.
• What could you do next time?
2. How does being “slow to anger” help you with your temper?
• Does being “slow to anger” help you to pause and choose your words more carefully?
• Has anybody ever done this with you? What happened?
• How would things have gone differently if that person hadn’t been slow to anger?

Today's message: “We can use our words wisely to speak life into others even when we are angry”