Time Travellers May 10

HFkids - Time Travellers May 10th

STEP 1. Watch Today's BIG IDEA

STEP 2. Watch Today's Short Bible Story - John 14

STEP 3. Reflection Questions you can discuss with a parent...

  1. What do you love about your mom?
  2. What lessons has she taught you?
  3. Can anyone tell of us about a time when you were in a difficult situation and your mom helped you through?
  4. How can Jesus shine a light for you when you are going through a difficult situation?

Today's message: Moms encourage us and guide us with their words and actions.


STARTING NEXT WEEK: We start a new series called “FAMOUS LAST WORDS’.  In this series, we will be talking about the power of words, and how to use our words wisely for the good of God’s kingdom. JOIN US!