Time Travellers May 31

HFkids - Time Travellers May 31st

STEP 1. Watch Today's BIG IDEA for Pentecost Sunday,
Famous Last Words - Week 3

STEP 2. Watch Today's Short Bible Story
Pentecost Sunday - John 20.19-23

STEP 3. Reflection Questions you can discuss with a parent...

  1. What is a good listener? What does good listening look and sound like?
  2. Can you recall some of the tips we talked about during the Big Idea? (clear your mind, use facial expressions, make eye contact,  ask open ended questions, check for understanding & don’t interrupt.)
  3. Which of these tips will you try to use this week? How can this tip help you to listen better?

Today's message: "It's important to LISTEN to others before WE speak."