TT third sunday advent

In today's Advent Message we focus on Fruit of Joy!

Welcome to WEEK 3 of our mini Advent series called, “In the Christmas Spirit.” Last week, we talked about bearing the fruit of kindness. We hope you were able to spread some kindness last week. This week, we will be focusing on the fruit of Joy. 

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STEP 1. Watch Today's BIG IDEA.

During the rest of Advent and throughout the year, we want you to remember that the Holy Spirit can help you find that true and lasting joy even when things aren’t going your way.

STEP 2. Watch Bible Message

Think about a time when you’ve had some joyful news to share with somebody. When Mary heard that she was pregnant with God’s Son, she was SOOO excited and joyful that she ran to tell her cousin, Elizabeth. Mary’s response shows us how to spread the Joy of Jesus with others.

STEP 3: Discussion. Share this conversation with your child.

1. What is the difference between being joyful and being happy?
2. What are some things that make you joyful? 
3. When do you feel it’s hardest to be joyful?
4. How can you spread joy this Christmas season to others?