Family Resources

Advent can be a fun, beautiful, and meaningful time for Catholic Families. We have put together a few ideas to help you reflect on the message of Advent with your children.

More Resources are on the way! Please visit again next week!

As a family, look up a scripture verse & meditate on a different title of Jesus each night.
As a family, build a manger and build a soft bed for baby Jesus with every good deed.
Nancy at ‘Catholic Sprouts for Moms’ offers wonderful inspiration for parents to help bring the message of Advent to their children.
Here are 4 simple Prayers for Lighting your Advent Wreath each week.
Find great Advent wreath craft ideas at Catholic Icing!


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Advent Music VIDEOS

Keeping Advent means singing songs of expectation, of hope and longing, before we enter into the full-throated praise of Christmas carols. We’ve put together a collection of New Contemporary & Traditional Advent music for you. 👉 CLICK HERE