What is HFkids?

HFkids is our re-vamped Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the first half of Mass geared for kids from JK to grade 6. We have two great programs during the 9:30 and 11:00 Mass – Time Travellers for kids in grade 2 to 6 and Adventurers for kids in JK to grade 1.
Join us every Sunday! No registration required. Children will be called at the start of Mass and will return and join you at your pew during the collection time.
At Time Travellers, our youth will travel back in time to encounter Jesus and meet other heroes of the Bible. In this high-energy program, Time Travellers will learn how God’s Word can help them make wise choices, that they can trust God no matter what, and how to love God with their whole heart, soul and mind. Youth grades 2-6.
NEW FALL 2022! Adventurers is our new Children’s Liturgy program with a specially designed Gospel message for kids in JK to grade 1. In this fun, hands-on program, children will go on an adventure while they hear God’s Word, meet Jesus and discover that God knows them, loves them, is always with them AND wants to be their best friend.

🎵 Some of our Favourite Adventurers Songs!


“We are Adventurers” written and preformed by Holy Family’s Youth Minister Stephanie.

Be part of the HFkids Team!

HFkids Core Team Responsibilities & Positions

The Worship Leader is an energetic and passionate leader responsible for delivering the message series in an engaging and enthusiastic way. He or she is strong in knowledge of the Catholic faith. The Worship Leader acts as the main MC throughout.
The Catechist is an Energetic and passionate leader who delivers the Gospel and “breaks open the word” for children to understand. The Catechist will often be asked to engage the children in Q & A.
The Crowd Minister is a gentle and attentive leader who sits with children, is present to their needs (washroom breaks & other supports), helps choose volunteers and encourages children to participate and share their responses throughout.
The Welcome Minister is an opportunity for our High School Volunteers to get up on stage to welcome the children as they arrive and provide a very short message about our Message Series before the Worship Leader’s “Big Idea”.
The Tech Crew Minister is responsible for simply moving through the Power Point slides, playing the audio and videos in presentation that will already be on the computer at the tech table during Time travellers. This person is attentive to the leader and is following a paper schedule to know when to pass through slides. *Tech support does NOT create slides, only presses “next” and plays videos*
The Children’s Liturgy Catechist is a gentle and passionate leader who delivers the message in an engaging & passionate way at a pre-school level. The catechist is also responsible to lead the children and their parent in the hands-on activity each week. The catechist may have some set-up to do before the 9:30 Mass and tidy-up needed after the 11:00 Mass.
The Children’s Liturgy Helper is a great opportunity for our Intermediate Youth to get engaged while assisting the Children’s Liturgy Catechist. The Helper is encouraged to interact with the children & parents.
The HFkids Greeter serves at the parking lot entrance doors providing a warm welcome to our families as they arrive for Mass – providing visibility to our 2 programs while engaging with families and answering questions. The role switches once Mass begins to inviting & escorting children to the HFkids programs that may arrive after Mass begins. Ideally, there are 2 Greeters, one escorts the children and the other stays upstairs so as not to miss any families as the arrive – this will be especially important when programs resume in the fall and during times of high attendance like Advent, Lent Inscription Weekends…. Some children are unsure but with a little encouragement they usually will give it a try.
The Children’s Liturgy Coordinator is responsible for material and content, organizing & running team meetings,  training new catechists and volunteers. He or she is also focused on building relationships between catechists, parents and young children – serving as mentors for our young families. This position is lovingly being held by Angie & Mary!
The Program Coordinator is able to edit and prepare the entire TIME TRAVELLERS message including producing the Word doc and PowerPoint to be used by the Worship Leader, Catechist and Tech Crew ministers. The Program Coordinator is a confident leader able to recognize the need to make adjustment to the material provided by Rebuilt when required as well as research & implement alternatives. He or she is also responsible to gather and deliver the materials needed for the lesson, planning team meetings, connecting regularly with the Children’s Liturgy Coordinators, sending out the weekly emails and assuring that there is adequate help for each Mass for both Time Travellers AND Children’s Liturgy. Current contact person is Sue. 


Time Travellers

This is only the last two (out of five) weeks of Rebuilt Message Series 'Fear Not', we needed to use this series to catch up to the Church Reading.

  1. HFkids Time-Travelers-Fear Not Week-1 docxHFkids Time Travellers Fear Not Bible Story Wk 1
  2. HFkids-Time-Travelers-Fear-Not-Week-2, Bible Reading Fear Not Wk 2

Oct 6th 2019 - Launch for HFkids. We decided to start this series from the start so we were a few weeks behind the Church Readings. We plan to catch up with the next Message Series by Mid-November.

Message Series Outline - Parent Handout: Time Travelers Oct 6-Nov 10 Parent Summary

  1. HFkids Time Travelers Wk 1
  2. HFkids Time Travelers Week 2-1
  3. HFkids-Time-Travelers-Week-3
  4. HFkids-Time-Travelers-Week-4 docx
  5. HFkids-Time-Travelers-Week-5 docxHFkids TTravellers Bible Story Wk 5 docx
  6. HFkids-Time-Travelers-Week-6 docxTime Travellers Bible Reading Wk 6

Kids Small Group

This is only the last two (out of five) weeks of the Rebuilt Message Series 'Tall Tails', as we needed to use this series to catch up to the Church Readings.

  1. HFkids Small Group Lesson Plan Fear Not wk 1HFkids Small Group Tall Tales Bible Story Wk 1
  2. -kids-Small-Group-Lesson-Plan  & Snowflakes