Young Adults


Young Adult Mass has been temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19.


Young Adult Mass

Join us for our monthly Young Adult Masses on the last Sunday of every month at 7:00PM!

Do you wish you attended Mass with more people who "looked" like YOU?

Do you want to meet people who are like-minded & at a similar stage of like?

Holy Family is offering a Mass for Young Adults on the last Sunday each month for all young adults ages 19-36ish.  The event will include Mass at 7pm, with worship music offered by an excellent group of contemporary Christian artists.  After the Mass, all young adults are welcome for FREE food, fun and friendship in the church hall. This Mass and social will be held monthly.

Young Adult Ministry

Archdiocese of Toronto

Visit the OCY Young Adult Ministry Website and stay on top of what's happening in and around the Archdiocese of Toronto's young adult scene.

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