First Communion – Session 1 Resources

Dear Parents,
Thank you for bringing your child to our First, First Communion Session! We had a great time with your child! The session went by quickly, but we feel that we were able to cover a lot. The main goal for us was to emphasize the need for regular, daily prayer and the importance of developing and maintaining a strong friendship with Jesus… to red more, please CLICK HERE

Please find below a collection of resources, some from our sessions and some for parents too, to help you continue the conversation at home…

Great Video Books!

Here are a few great video books, the first one was read to your child during our first session, we love this book and recommend the other two on Prayer and the wonderful message that God is with us Always and Everywhere.




Videos for You from Sycamore!

Throughout the sessions, we will provide, you the parents, additional resources that you may find helpful. Here you will find two videos on the basics of prayer. SYCAMORE explains simply the central beliefs and practices of Catholic Christianity.

Prayer Resources

Here are a few resources found on some of the pages of our website that might be helpful and fun 
Prayer Resources
ROSARY Resources
HFkids Parent Resources

Go Deeper this Advent!

Advent can be a fun, beautiful, and meaningful time for Catholic Families. We put together a few ideas to help you reflect on the message of Advent with your children. And why not try one of the daily Advent Reflections directly to your inbox each morning!
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Great Family Advent Activities
HFkids Faith @ Home