First Holy Communion

First Communion Sessions

Note: If you are looking for First Communion Registration information, please scroll down past this section.

SESSION 1 - November 27th - December 30th

Please start Session One and try to complete it before the end of December as we start a new session in January on Reconciliation.

STEP ONE: Set up your FORMED account if not already done.
STEP TWO: Watch Brother Francis 'Born into the Kingdom' with your child.
STEP THREE: Complete pages 3-14 in your child's First Communion Workbook before the end of December.

Material needed from the First Communion Pouch

STORY TIME - God is with Me...

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First Communion Registration.

The First Communion Registration/Information night has past, however, we are still accepting late registrations at this time. If you wish to register your child, first click on and read the following three documents: PARENT INFORMATION LETTER, IMPORTANT DATES AND INSCRIPTION FORM.

Next, please complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION below AND bring all the required documents to the parish office Mon-Fri during office hours. We do suggest you call the parish office before heading to the church as we are currently on reduced office hours due to Covid 905-665-6470.


Click on the boxes below.

Important Notice!

All Children must be baptized in the Roman Catholic Church in order to receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. If your child was baptized in another Christian denomination or has not been baptized yet, arrangements will need to be made as soon as possible for your child to be either Baptized or ‘Received’ into the Catholic Church. We ask that you please contact the parish as soon as possible to make arrangements for the priest to assist you. Visit the Baptism page of our website if you would like more information on the process. Please continue to register your child...


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