FNE Explorers

The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE Explorers)

We would like to warmly welcome and congratulations our newly formed Holy Family Timberwolves Den! The boys starting meeting earlier this month and will continue to meet every Tuesday evening here at the parish. We would also like to thank the dads who have volunteered as leaders. It is never too late to join! Please contact Paul Ritchi at 416-435-6593 to register or for more information.
There are many challenges and distractions that we face as families and as individuals to stay true to the teachings of Jesus through our church within secular society.  FNE can help our youth uniquely and excitingly. We help support parental efforts to raise responsible, loving, caring, happy Christ-centered children.  We help support the whole child’s development from a spiritual, social, educational, environmental, and physical perspective. 
First – FNE undertakes concrete program activities by learning practical skills used in everyday life, such as cooking, using tools, using your hands to build things, and some basic engineering techniques.
Second – FNE develops a sense of character by learning what it means to make and keep a promise, be honourable through your FNE promise and law, and be reliable and trustworthy.
Third – FNE provides service to help others, even those we perhaps do not like, to see Jesus in them.   We visit seniors to sing for them, help a younger member master a particular skill, or rake leaves for senior citizens in the fall.
Fourth – FNE promotes personal health, to get outside, to run, play, camp, swim, cycle, physically endure a challenging hike, and to get away from our electronic leashes and trappings.
Fifth – FNE is truly a Catholic faith movement, with God – Jesus in the centre of our very being.   We embrace the sacraments; we offer opportunities for retreats and even international pilgrimages from time to time.   Our youth live and grow in their faith; we strive to help them become an ordinary saint in their lifetime.

Introducing Timber Wolves for Boys & Girls 8 to 12

As a Timber Wolf, your child will learn how to differentiate between right and wrong; work hard and play fair; finish what they start; never give up; and keep a promise.
Through the program, we also strive to develop their sense of:
  • Bravery
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Family
  • Confidence
Our regularly scheduled programs consist of:
  • Physical games
  • Activities & Crafts
  • Badge work
  • Life Skills Development
  • Prayers
  • Songs
  • Spiritual Development
  • Stories
Our members grow in their love for God through regularly celebrating the sacraments of the eucharist and Confession and giving back to the community.
To learn more, please visit the FNE website below or email fellow parishioners and FNE Founder, Paul Ritchi at paul.ritchi@gmail.com