Faith Formation

Bible Study

Scripture study leads people to a greater understanding of the Bible; an awareness of God’s living presence in Sacred Scripture, and an appreciation of how the Bible can be applied to daily life. Through personal study, small group discussion, lecture, and prayer, the Holy Family Bible Study provides a balance of scholarship, reflection and application.

Bible Study at Holy Family…

Our bible studies usually follow a 6 to 8-week series. Groups meet either in the morning, or in the evening in the church hall. Though there may be a large number of people, well over 100, people sit in small group tables which remain consistent over the weeks. In this way, valuable relationships are developed over time which not only enhance the depth of study, but also the personal impact of the growth of faith.

Alpha Course

Alpha is a series of sessions designed to help you explore important questions about God, faith and life in general in a comfortable and friendly environment. Alpha Sessions include fellowship, food, video talks and small group discussions and run regularly here at the parish as well as other locations. Hundreds of people within and outside of our parish have already taken the Alpha course offered here at Holy Family. Some of our groups have been specific such as the Young Adult Alpha, the Marriage Alpha, Parents Alpha, and Youth Alpha, but they really are open to anyone interested. Being a Christian or “person of faith” is not a requirement. The course runs for 11 weeks, with an Alpha Weekend in the latter half. Each session begins with food and fellowship, followed by an inspiring video talk and small group discussion. There is no homework, other than your own contemplation and prayer at home. As with the bible studies, the critical component of the growth of faith is the relationships among the small group members.

Praise and Worship

We invite you to join us for our weekly evening of Praise and Worship led by the Holy Family Charismatic Group as we adore, praise and give thanks to our Lord through prayer and contemporary music. Come and be part of this unique, prayerful experience! Lift up your hands toward the sanctuary, and bless the LORD. Psalm 134:2.Come and surrender your heart to God! Join us every Friday evening following the 7pm Mass as we express our love and awe of God.


Workshops and Conferences

We are always working to bring meaningful and thought-provoking workshops and conferences to Holy Family to help you engage, reconnect and grow in your faith in order to build a strong church community of disciples. We have held conferences such as The New Evangelization Summit, Discovering Our Gifts, Our Mission: Revealed, Our Mission: In Action; Life in the Spirit Seminar and the ChristLife series, among others. Please watch our website for announcements of upcoming workshops and conferences, visit the welcome desk or contact the parish office for more information and to register.