Church’s Ministry Unleashed

CHURCH’S MINISTRY UNLEASHED Planning for the future growth of our church isn’t much different from preparing for a great road trip. Most of the same steps apply: WE NEED TO KNOW WHY WE EXIST. We exist to fulfill the mission Jesus gave us to love God, love others and make […]


2019 Lenten Reflection by His Eminence, Cardinal Collins

Cardinal Collins has prepared a Pastoral Letter for Lent 2019, offering tangible reflections on how we can use this most holy time of year as a period of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. His Eminence also invites us to learn more about the important work of the Society of Saint Vincent […]


5 Reasons People Leave Your Church

Recommended by Father László. Carey Nieuwhof is a wonderful thinker that writes some incredible pieces on the role of leadership in the church and this is a particularly great one. 5 Rather Startling Reasons People Leave Your Church  


Changing The Culture

What does this mean for a church? If a stranger walked into our parish on a Sunday, what would they see? Would they see a crowd of people engaged in the worship of an all-powerful, all-merciful God who is the center of their lives? Or would they see a group […]

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