The Sacrament of Marriage is a visible sign of God’s love for the Church. When a man and a woman are married in the Church, they receive the grace needed for a lifelong bond of unity...

Congratulations! You've made the decision to get married. As you prepare for your wedding day, our Catholic Church desires to assist you in preparing for your life-long marriage.

FIRST STEP: Request your UPDATED Baptismal Certificates

This should be done as soon as you have decided to have a Catholic wedding. If both parties are Catholic, please contact the church where you were baptized and ask for a CURRENT, UPDATED BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE. This is a necessary document because your original baptismal certificate does not contain the information we need. If one party is baptized in another denomination, their original baptismal certificate is needed.
At this time, if you are not already doing so, we strongly encourage you to recommit to weekly attendance at Sunday Mass and to become registered members of our parish by completing the online Parish Registration Form.


SECOND STEP: Meet with the priest

AT LEAST ONE YEAR BEFORE your prospective wedding date and once you have the UPDATED Baptismal certificate/s, please call the parish office at 905-665-6470 ext 201 to book your pre-nuptial interview with Fr. Laszlo. Please note that a wedding date can only be confirmed when the couple meets with him in person.


THIRD STEP: Enrol in  Holy Family’s  Marriage Preparation Course

*Our Fall Marriage Prep Course starts on September 22, 2022, at the parish and runs every Thursdays for 10 weeks from 6:30-9:30pm – Registration is now open.

We welcome all couples to our Marriage Preparation Course who have made the decision to marry in the Catholic Church whether here at Holy Family or at another parish.
When you choose to get married in the Catholic Church, you are asking for more than a ceremony, a church building and a musician. This is a momentous promise and commitment. You will make a vow before God, family, friends, and your future spouse to stay married for the rest of your life. In an effort to help you prepare for that commitment the Catholic Church requires that you participate in a marriage preparation process to explore personal values, your commitment to your faith, and your relationship.
The Holy Family Marriage Preparation Course will assist couples in discerning whether they are ready to be married and in forming a lifelong sacred circle consisting of wife, husband, and God. Topics include: I to We, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy, Values, and the Sacrament of Marriage. The teachings of the Catholic Church form the basis of the course. The course is lead by trained volunteer couples and the priest who want to see Catholic families thrive.
The course runs twice a year, during the Spring and Fall here at the church. For the Spring schedule, call the office by mid-January and for the Fall schedule, call the office early August. The course fee is $250 and is payable upon registration (cash or cheque). 

Download and complete the Marriage Prep Course Registration Form and submit to the office during office hours together with the fee.