Today’s Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord is hopeful and relevant to our lives like the other stories that surround the birth of Jesus.

In Matthew’s gospel, we’re told that the magi are “from the east.” They were foreigners to the people of Israel. They didn’t belong. And they certainly didn’t deserve to encounter the living God. They were not the chosen people. Yet, in being welcomed into the presence of the Christ child by His mother, Mary, the magi remind us that the gift of the Savior Jesus,  is given to the whole world. Jesus comes for all who seek His presence in their lives – the people of Israel, as well as the Gentiles – foreigners who are looking for God. And all of us, to a certain extent, are foreigners, not only because of our country of origin, but because of our life style, our behavior, our addictions, our struggles and so many other aspects of our lives. The message of gospel that is proclaimed on this great feast is that all of us are welcome to encounter the Christ. No one is excluded from the love of God.

What we take from this for our own lives is that God will use what is familiar to us to call us to Himself.  Look for the “star” that God is using to call you.  It’s closer than you may think. Another thing to consider is that the Magi fell prostrate before the Christ Child.  They laid their lives down before Him in complete surrender and adoration.  They set a perfect example for us.  Perhaps you could try literally lying down prostrate in prayer today, in imitation of the Magi, or at least do so in your heart through prayer.  Adore Him with a complete surrender of your life.

Reflect, today, upon these Magi and see them as a symbol of what you are called to do.  You are called from the foreign place of this world to seek out the Messiah.  What is God using to call you to Himself? Do not hesitate to acknowledge the full truth of who He is, lying prostrate before Him in complete and humble submission.

I pray that the grace and spirit of this beautiful Feast Day will strengthen us and inspire us to serve the Lord with joy and gladness today and always!

Prayerfully yours in Christ,

Fr. László Nagy, Pastor

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